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A burger restaurant in Germany ...

Late July 2010, I went to Saarbrücken in Germany with my friends from Moselle, for a very very (very) heavy meal. They took me to the Takemore XXL, a restaurant offering hamburgers and other specialities made for huge appetites. I let you see in pictures !

Well, what will I choose ... Ah but it is written in german, I don’t understand anything !!!

First, I will taste local beers !

Now let’s start with this Schnitzel (breaded cutlet) that weighs 1kg ...

Here is a "small" burger, 30cm diameter !

And the specialty : the Master Burger XXXL, that weighs 3kg !

Come on, a little effort, I will overcome it ...

... or not. I admit my defeat, that was way too much for a hairichon’s stomach !!! I won’t eat for the three following days !