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Mid-April 2016, I spent a day in Nara, under a beautiful sun. I visited a number of temples, and I took a bath ...!

Here I am in front of the 5-storey pagoda, called "goju-no-to", of the Buddhist temple Kohfukuji.

Still in the Kohfukuji temple, the weather is very nice! This is the building called "nanendo", it is octagonal.

And here is the 3-storey pagoda of the Kohfukuji temple! I like pagodas!

Here is a beautiful red and white gate that marks the entrance of the Todai-ji Temple.

And here is the Todai-ji Temple! Its name means "great temple of the East", and it is a Buddhist temple.

I am getting near the Todai-ji temple. I must confess that I made a little escape in the gulley that we see in the photo, and that I finished all soaked. So, I was deprived of karaoke that night!

The great Buddha of the Todai-ji Temple. It measures 14.98m!

Here I am in the company of a Tanuki, an iconic creature from Japanese mythology.

I found "ema", they are wooden pads on which japanese people write prayers or greetings, and that are placed in shinto temples!